About Us

Guarding Your Pantry

As busy as you are, the last thing you need are any more surprises. However, by now, you've likely grown to expect the unexpected.

Fortunately, that's exactly what ET TU Salad Kits prepare you for - those meal time surprises that require something quick, something easy, and something delicious.

Whether it's a drop-in guest or two, the visiting family members who decide to stick around a bit longer, or simply the dine n' dash when the kids have a practice to get to - we'll be there for you.

Our Homemade Beginnings

Over 20 years ago, we began serving our homemade Caesar salad dressing at a family diner, in Markham, Ontario. Our guests loved it. So much so, that the requests to bring some home with them were nearly constant. That's when we packaged up our ingredients - ready to be served at the kitchen tables, picnic tables, and cottages of our diners. Ready for when a delicious salad was needed, but when the time to prepare it was limited. That was how ET TU began.

What We Bring To The Table Today

Over the years, our customers have told us what works best in their kitchen. And keeping in touch is something we pride ourselves on – an essential part of ensuring your pantry has exactly what you need when you need it.